“Homesick” for Nantes

Up until just a minute ago I felt like my adjustment to Seattle had been much better than I expected it would be in terms of missing Nantes, Yes, I’ve been sad and all of that, but that has all been tempered with being home. What tipped the scales is a link to a webpage that Melinda’s sister’s husband (Greg) sent me as I sat down to write tonight’s entry.

While this won’t mean much to most of you, click here. That’s a circulation map for the Nantes public transportation system. it includes live cams. And that’s what did me in, clicking on a couple of the live cams. They are marked on the map with eyes (yes, that’s an eye inside each blue square). To look at the two that got me, find the letter “I” in the center at the top of the map. Double click on the eye just below it. That will give you a view of Morhonniere/Petit Port. In the center of that picture is a crosswalk I would use on many of my jogs. The eyeball just below that one on the map is Michelet, the stop we used to get to Ella’s school.

I miss Nantes.

Today’s photo represents something that may be contributing to my feeling of homesickness. In downtown Seattle is the Boulangerie Nantaise, a French bakery started by a man from Nantes. Melinda and I went there this morning and bought two pain au chocolats and two baguettes. According to Romain, the pain au chocolat was very good. But the baguette? Even I could tell it was nothing like those we got in France.

2 thoughts on ““Homesick” for Nantes

  1. I love the circulation map with the trams following their routes. I was trying to figure out how we went and changed to get to the train. Sorry the pictures are at night.

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