Root Beer

We could not find root beer in France. Well, truthfully, we did find it in one place, a store in Paris that specializes in selling uniquely American groceries to ex-pats and American wannabes for dollars on the penny. But just how many jars of Jiffy peanut butter, cans of Campbell soup, and boxes of Pop Tarts can one person stomach?

Wait, don’t answer that. I think someone in my hometown of Omaha may be trying to do just that…

My point is that for all practical purposes we could not find root beer in France. And it is so easy to find it in the United States, almost like there is some kind of conspiracy taking place to make sure you drink some. I blame the advertising industry. I’ve seen Mad Men.

My further point is that Romain had never had root beer. Now he has. And it’s not like he did cartwheels after drinking his first sip. But he was concerned when 14 year-old Ella pulled a bottle of said “beer” from the fridge and began drinking it.

After his sip, I think he came to understand about the alcohol content in said “beer” and that said “Ella” was not trying to get away with unsaid “anything.”

But do I REALLY have to get him to eat sweetened peanut butter, canned chicken noodle soup, and reconstituted brown-sugar cinnamon?

One thought on “Root Beer

  1. I remember that store, visited it once while living in Paris and dropped about the equivalent of $40 on Jiff, PopTarts and Kraft MacnCheese! Romain might not want to try the PB, soup or cinnamon (my mother-in-law noticed we put cinnamon on EVERYTHING here) but I would:
    – take him for a classic American breakfast
    – have him toast a marshmallow over a fire
    – make him eat a slice of pizza…with his HANDS ;>
    – get him a real hamburger ala Red Mill or Uneeda, so he knows not all are like McDo
    – go to the best taco truck in the city on MLK near Henderson (Nick knows where it is)
    – do a classic Thanksgiving dinner: show how we cook all day, load our plate & eat in 20min
    just a few ideas!

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