6 – 2

I’ll say it again. 6 – 2.

That was the final score of today’s Seattle Sounders soccer game, our local team hammering the visiting Columbus Crew. The team set all kinds of records, and one player, Lamar Neagle, scored 3 of the 6 goals, a hat trick.

Why am I telling you this? Because Melinda and I were at the game, that’s why! Can you imagine a better way to spend an 80 degree summer afternoon in Seattle than watching the home team lay waste to the team with the best record in the Eastern Conference?

I can’t.

Want to know something else? The last soccer game we attended was exactly one year ago today and it was when we saw FC Nantes win. That’s right, Melinda and I know how to attend soccer games.

On Thursday at school, teaching staff member Liana asked if anyone wanted her two tickets to today’s game. A quick check of our home calendar indicated the appropriate void so I snatched them up. Melinda & I bussed into town, saving the hassle of driving and parking. The craziest expense of the day was paying $8.50 for a beer (but, hey, it was a “Kilt Lifter”).

Your thoughts?

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