A Pair of Bregéons!

I awoke this morning to find this photo as part of an email message sent me by my buddy Bernard in Nantes. Let me just tell you, it’s laugh out loud funny if you’re me.

If you don’t know, the duo action figure here is Monsieur Bregéon, head of Ella’s age group at the school, Le Loquidy, she attended in Nantes last year. I developed quite a fascination with him. Some might even say (some probably did) I had a bit of a crush on him.

Okay, to the funny part. Monsieur Bregéon is a stylish dresser. And his style always seemed to include a dark blue pair of very nice jeans. Seeing his jeans, I was inspired to buy a pair like them, which I took to calling my “Bregéons.” It’s a name that kind of stuck, both in my family and with certain members of the Bertail and Boudeau families (the adults).

Now Bernard is a graphic designer AND the father of Théo who attends Le Loquidy. I’m imagining he was sitting at some parent meeting recently, listening to Monsieur Bregéon talk about the school year. Perhaps a bit bored, Bernard (who is very funny) starts to envision two Monsieur Bregéons, a pair in fact. Just like my French jeans, a pair of Bregéons!

Get it!! A pair Bregéons! In my email inbox! This morning!

Your thoughts?

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