Hippodrome de Nantes

First, many, many thanks to everyone who commented in response to yesterday’s post. It’s great to hear from you! I now have a greater sense who is reading this blog. I apologize to Ed for the “fluff” but am pleased he and everyone else manages to slog through it. Actually, I don’t apologize at all. Fluff is the elixir of life (or this blog…)!

Speaking of fluff, I am feeling downright nostalgic and, if it’s possible, homesick for Nantes tonight. Not only did Melinda and I get a lovely, lovely email from Frédérique and Laurent, yesterday was the opening day of the horse racing season in Nantes. The video replays have all been added to the racetrack’s website so I’ve been sitting at home watching them, fantasizing that I am there. Melinda watched one with me, and we found ourselves not just watching the horse race but looking at the trotter track (the place I took up running) and the surrounding area.

You might recall, we lived not 10 minutes on foot from the track so this is our neighborhood. And on this note, nostalgic and otherwise, a year ago today was one of my favorite days in France, opening day at the track. Take a look.

One thought on “Hippodrome de Nantes

  1. You should be very careful with those little voices that call you back to Nantes. That’s how I ended up living in England. I visited London in 1980 and went back to San Francisco where I had dreams of walking down Haight Street feeling like I didn’t belong and dreams about Covent Garden in London feeling like I did belong. I listened to these dreams and here I am 31 years later…

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