Tracking My Weight

Since returning to Seattle, several people have commented about the fact that I lost some weight while in France. Truth be told, “getting in shape” was one of the goals I set for myself for the sabbatical.

I started off pretty well in August with yoga, walking and, to a certain extent, biking. I even started tracking my weight, using an online tool called I began doing this on August 16, 2010, weighing in at 167.2 lbs.

But you may have heard about things like, um, well, delicious cheese and French pastries? I’m here to tell you these things are true. By September 13, what with the delicious food and all, I was over 170 lbs and basically stayed above 170 until January. Go see what my face looked like on September 10.

In January I got sick, as I mentioned on January 9. Once I felt better, I renewed my commitment to getting in shape but this time I took up running. I also cut down drastically on the French pastries and started practicing portion control at meals. The pounds started to drop, as if by magic. I felt great.

I’ve continued all of this since our return to Seattle, including my regular updates at (every Monday!), complete with a photo (today’s!). I weighed in this morning at 150 lbs, a weight that seems to suit me just fine.

3 thoughts on “Tracking My Weight

  1. Wow! The two photos show what twenty pounds difference can make. Congratulations! Of course the real benefit is you are healthier now.

  2. Another Wow from me. Dropping 10% of your body weight is a definite BIGGIE. Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

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