First Photo in France

This may very well be the first picture I took in France. Yes, I doctored it up tonight with some serious contrast to make it kind of fun and different for tonight’s entry. But I still think it’s the first picture I took.

It was July 6, the day after we arrived, and Romain had come to meet us at his aunt’s apartment where we were staying for our first couple of weeks. A short walk from the apartment was Ella’s soon-to-be school so he walked us over to take a look. I snapped a handful of pictures, this one first and then, seconds later, the one I used for my blog post on July 7, 2010.

I mentioned recently that at times I get nostalgic. Tonight was one of those times. I get to looking at pictures or reading past entries and get all fuzzy inside. The whole sabbatical thing really happened, right?. Sitting in our Seattle house tonight, the darkness coming early and it being cold and damp, I was ready to return to our first week in Nantes and those 90 degree sunny, sunny days.

Your thoughts?

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