Melinda’s New Career

Well, there goes Melinda. Wave goodbye. She’s started her new career – truck driving. I’m sure that to those of you that know her, this will come as no surprise. She’s a sucker for machines and can’t wait to operate them. There was that time back in 1999 when we had a backhoe left in our yard for a couple of days. She talked the operator into showing her how it worked. Guess who was driving it around at night after the worker had called it a day?

That’s right.

So picture Melinda in the Wyoming twilight yesterday getting a lesson in how to drive a big rig. I’m sure all she needed was that one lesson and then away she went. For all we know, she’s probably halfway between Cheyenne and Dubuque by now.

Shoot, that might be Omaha!

Not that it’s matters, but I wonder what’s she hauling. That is, I wonder what’s she hauling other than some attitude. 😉

Your thoughts?

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