Among Melinda’s Challenges – UPDATE

Last Friday I wrote about the challenge Melinda faces when it comes to my style of dress. I raised this because tonight Melinda and I are at an fancy event honoring some family friends, one that requires us to wear some fancy clothes. I hadn’t had a new suit since 1998 and she thought I should get one. But with her leaving for Wyoming last Saturday, I was left to try to figure out what I would wear on my own.

As you can see from today’s photo, I came up with something, a new suit from Banana Republic. It was quite the experience for me, lasting much longer than I generally take to buy clothes. I mean at Value Village it’s in, out, wham, bam. At Banana Republic it’s, “May I help you, sir.” And “Would you like to try a different color?” I must say that I’m not used to having help in the “Fitting Room.” And speaking of which, when did these stop being called “Dressing Rooms?”

So I provide this self-portrait tonight, sans chapeau. And I think my tie matches Melinda’s dress just fine, thank you.

One thought on “Among Melinda’s Challenges – UPDATE

  1. Hurray! I knew you could do it Andy, and all by yourself too! Cross it off your bucket list.
    Buy a suit… done and done. You look great!

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