Repas Français

Today Melinda and I received a wonderful email from Laurent in Nantes. It came under the subject line “Repas Français” (French Meal). The message is so wonderful, I present it here in its entirety:

Hi Andy and Melinda,

We send you three pictures from last weekend during the Saturday dinner where we invited friends. It was just before your half marathon! It was the 26 November about 21h00 at Nantes and 11h00 at Seattle (Not a good meal before run). We eated your favorite french plate Andy! Cuisses de canard confit… And to disgest we drank a little glass of Liqueur de Poire William … Your bottle Andy! It was just to your health to wish you a good race.

More soon.
Sorry for my english!

If such a thing is possible, this message makes my heart smile. And I suppose that Laurent might be a little embarrassed that I’ve quoted his entire message, but I hope not. His support and sentiment is unmistakable.

Today’s photo is one of the three photos attached to the email. Indeed, that’s Laurent, drinking to my health the night before my half marathon from the bottle I gave him just before we left France.

Salut, Laurent!

Your thoughts?

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