When Giving and Receiving are the Same Thing

What’s better? To give or to receive? Since both are necessary for either to happen, in some ways they are the same thing, right, just like a coin has two sides? Aren’t quite sure what I mean? Take a look at this video and I bet you’ll come away thinking that Lucas received quite a bit in his giving.

In the spirit of this blog’s history I’m including this photo from Ella’s birthday two weeks ago. The Bertails in Nantes sent her a little gift. I caught Ella just after she had opened the card Christine had made her. Click on it to enlarge it and get a better view.

Today’s Question: When have you given something and in the process gotten something in return?

7 thoughts on “When Giving and Receiving are the Same Thing

  1. I got to the public library today before it opened to discover their front lawn littered with Subway napkins. I happily picked them up so when the next patron arrived, it would look good again. I think it made me feel good because no one was there to see it happen. Stopping others from seeing it gave me a boost!

    • Exactly! You gave and you got (pardon the grammar but for alliteration purposes). I’m also interested in considering the primary motivation in actions like this, although in many ways that’s not really important. did you pick up the napkins so you would feel better? Did you pick them up to beautify the library? Did you pick them up because you needed napkins? What was the primary motivation, or the product of your act? Then, what was the BYproduct?

      • I picked them up because I was so disappointed that this historic building looked unattractive with “litter” in front of it. It is a little oasis of beauty in the middle of lots of mega-shopping. I also think littering is an irresponsible action which hurts others almost as much as an unkind word.

        I decided right then that every time I go there I will pick up any trash that I see, just like I decided at our lake house in Texas that I will use my new kayak as the “garbage scow” to pick up the styrofoam worm boxes, the water bottles, etc that either get blown into the lake or thrown in by thoughtless people. I do that partially because I want the environment I gaze upon to be free of litter, but it also gives me a good feeling to do a good deed by removing the trash, so I “git” (also to use bad grammar) by giving!

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