We’re back online at home after being offline since Friday night. It’s been a real stress-inducer, being without the Internet. It’s pretty interesting to see how much we’ve come to rely on having quick access to all kinds of information. But did I really need to know the final score of the Vancouver Canucks hockey game on Saturday night?

Anyway, in the midst of our Internet darkness last night, Melinda, Ella and I went to a little French café called Café Presse for dinner. I ordered a cocktail and Melinda snapped this picture of my first sip.

For your cocktail aficionados out there, this was called “The Normandy,” undoubtedly because it contained calvados, a brandy from Normandy. It also had Grand Marnier and cranberry juice, and was served warm with an orange slice adorning the rim. I think it’s a better after-dinner drink than before-dinner, like I had it.

I should have known that, though, having lived in France for a year…

Your thoughts?

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