I Like This Story

A PSCS student came to me early in the day today and told me she had met the mom of a former PSCS student on her bus ride in to school. That parent, who happens to be a bus driver supervisor, had noticed the student and deduced that she must attend PSCS. The student was so excited about the experience that she literally beamed as she passed on a hello to me from this parent.

I like this story. I like it a lot.

An hour or so later I got this email:

Hi Andy, I enjoyed meeting a PSCS student on the bus today. Was qualifying on a route from Duvall to Seattle, heard her doing math and noticed she rode the whole route. I figured any student that buses that far and deboards at 5th and Jackson just may be headed to your place. So asked and sure enuf, told her to tell you all hello. Take care and thanks for creating such a great place.

Like I said, I like this story. I like it a lot.

Today’s Prompt: Tell someone a sweet story, a true one from your life.

Your thoughts?

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