Original Andy Boy Brand

So Melinda and I were at Costco over the weekend picking up some items for our Easter weekend hosting (see yesterday’s post). I spotted this box of Romaine lettuce and, for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I decided to snap this picture.

I wonder, if you have to say there is an original, does that suggest there are imitations? And if the original was in 1927, it goes to reason that any imitations came after, right?

Me, I came along in 1963. I guess that makes me an imitation.

One thought on “Original Andy Boy Brand

  1. Actually I think you are an original! Not to worry! And perhaps your name was inspired by the Romaine Hearts and that is why you follow such a “heartfelt” pursuit as offering kindness classes. I DO believe in putting a postive spin on things whenever I can, Andy Boy!

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