3000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Since you can’t tell from the photo, you’re going to have to trust me that it’s of Elvis Costello from last night’s concert at the Paramount in Seattle. Melinda and I long ago bought tickets and were thrilled to go to the show. I not too jokingly say that Elvis got me through high school, so enamored was I (am I) with his music. That he has been performing for 35 years is quite something.

This particular tour is quite unique. In the photo behind him is a big wheel with song titles and themes. Elvis would bring people from the audience up on stage to spin the wheel and then lead the band through playing the song that popped up or a series of them based on the theme. Meanwhile, the audience member got to dance in a go-go dancing cage.

Fun stuff.

My favorite song of the night was a newer one, “A Slow Drag With Josephine,” although his rendition of “Please, Please Me” was mighty fine. Find the set list here, as well as links to videos from the show.

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