Root (Beer)

Granted, this may seem like a strange post. But over the weekend Melinda and I got to talking about root beer and how it was impossible to find in France. In fact, when a teenage neighbor in Nantes for whom we provided English lessons was planning a visit to Washington DC with her school last year we insisted she try root beer. She posted to her Facebook page that she had done just that, but didn’t sound too enthused.

Anyway, Melinda and I like an occasional root beer but really want it to be a good one. We also enjoy an occasional cocktail. Combining those enjoyments turned up this liqueur, Root. Mixed with a ginger beer and poured over ice and you have a fine sunny afternoon drink.

Learn more.

4 thoughts on “Root (Beer)

  1. Linda has left her account open and this is Tommy, who has just discovered it.

    Linda and I started dating in high school, frequently driving my father’s 1960 Chevy Impala convertible to the A&W Root Beer drive-in for a tall frosty one and a hot dog sandwich.

    There must be something right about root beer because we are now in our 48th year and there is root beer in the refrigerator.

    • Tommy! So nice to have you comment. And there is nothing better than a fresh mug of A&W root beer. I can almost taste it, especially in one of those frosty mugs. Indeed!

  2. Yum! Linda here now, and I have to say there is no ice cream float better than a root beer float — I know a place on our drive home that we stopped at on the way to SLC — think as navigator, I will get us back there!

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