“And this is the place where…”

I took a PSCS student, Maddie, to The Evergreen State College today, the place from which I earned my undergraduate degree in 1988 (Maddie starts there this fall). “Evergreen” was HUGELY influential in my subsequent life, as any good college should be. One of the first things it taught me was to question the cookie cutter style education I had received in high school, something that caused me to delay starting college until I was 22, so turned off to education was I at 18.

So I took Maddie around campus, showing her places that were important to me, each time saying something to the effect of, “This is the place where…”

The place in today’s photo is where I remember, during my first few weeks at Evergreen, asking myself, “Why couldn’t I have been in a school like Evergreen when I was 13?” That question is one of the pillars of PSCS, Puget Sound Community School, the middle & high school Melinda & I founded in 1994.

Your thoughts?

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