This Week at the Liberty Theatre…

I’ve mentioned before how I lived in Seward, Alaska in 1982, the year I turned 19, working as a deejay. I was a year out of high school, disillusioned about education, and lucked into the gig, thanks to my good friend, Hank. Hank finagled a deal with a man who owned a string of stations and then persuaded him to give me a job. It was an absolute blast and a year of great personal growth for me.

The radio station, KRXA, was housed in the Liberty Theatre building in Seward, a beautiful old movie house owned and run by a kind couple, Skip & Marie Fletcher. I learned last night that they still are there, in charge of the theatre in Seward, me having come across this blog posting from March with great photos (today’s photo is one of mine from 1982 – the theatre is the green building in the foreground).

One of my duties was to make a new commercial each week to promote the movies playing. They always started out like this, “This week at the Liberty Theatre…”

Your thoughts?

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