My Achilles Heel

If a photo can fall under the heading “TMI,” perhaps this one fits. I mean, who wants to see a picture of my ankle or, more specifically, my achilles (since that was what I was trying to shoot)?

Anyway, here’s the point. About halfway through my hour-long run on Sunday morning, the back of my ankle really started to hurt. I thought I’d just keeping running, that I’d warm out of it, but it got worse, so bad, in fact, that I had to stop running! No! I felt a sudden sense of distress, like I did back in March of 2011 when I had to stop running due to runner’s knee.

I walked home, took some Ibuprofen and thought, okay, I’ll just take it easy. I skipped my Tuesday run yesterday and used our elliptical trainer, instead, which felt just fine. Then, dummy me, I went to the park today with a group of students and casually threw a Frisbee. Reaching to catch it tossed to me, I tweaked that achilles again.

That’s frustrating.

3 thoughts on “My Achilles Heel

  1. I wonder could you have planters fascitis! I have been suffering with it for over six months — everything is fine as long as I rest and wear sneakers ALL the time — no going barefoot or being in sandals. Main sympton — heel pain! Not up the back towards the achilles tendon, just right in the center of the striking plate.

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