Today’s picture is of my good friend, Laurent Boudeau, taken just moments after he had finished running the Nantes Marathon 13 months ago. It is Laurent who inspired me to take up running, and it is Laurent who inspired me to try running long distances. The fact that I took up running, and the subsequent getting in shape that resulted, is probably my most significant takeaway from the sabbatical. We’ve been back for 10 months and I’ve continued my running, even running the Seattle half-marathon last fall. I’ve registered to run the full marathon this fall.

During many of my runs I think of Laurent and imagine him running/training with me. Such thoughts continue to inspire me.

Today’s post is hereby dedicated to my friend Laurent who, incidentally, turned 50 last Friday.

3 thoughts on “Laurent

  1. I envy you……kind of. I sometimes miss running. I ran my 25th marathon in Honolulu at age 50. Enjoy your run Andy and remember, it’s OK to cry at the finish line! 🙂

  2. Thank you Andy for your post today.
    I’m impatient to run with you in July near the Erdre.

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