Supporting Our Neighbors (A PSCS Field Trip to Safeco Field)

One of the values of PSCS is to be supportive of our neighbors. After all, COMMUNITY is in the school name, you know. So today, 42 of us, students, staff and parents, WALKED over to a nearby park to watch one of our neighbors play a game of baseball. Like I said, we want to support our neighbors.

It just so happens that this particular neighbor is the Seattle Mariners baseball team and the park in which they play is beautiful Safeco Field. And of all the many school groups that attended today’s day baseball game, I am confident that we were the only one who walked to and from the game from school.

As it turns out, we saw the Mariners win, something that happens less than the team not winning, if you know what I mean. And we saw a little bit of history, in that Mariner Alex Liddi hit a grand slam homerun, the first Italian-born player to hit a major league grand slam in over 50 years.

Your thoughts?

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