What I Love About My Job / Who I Want to Be

I had one of those glorious moments today in my work as the director of PSCS. I had a “class” today with three students and I steered the subject on to one of my most important “lessons,” the importance of what I call “showing up.” In short, it means to not allow yourself to be distracted by ordinary things that cause you miss seeing the extraordinary when it comes to call.

After this, one of the three students stuck around to talk to me more, just one on one. She, it seems, was touched enough by what I said to want to divulge something about herself that caused her embarrassment. We sat and chatted for nearly an hour, a time in which she opened up to me, even cried. As I responded, I felt both honored by her trust in me and confident in my ability to gently talk to her.

In this hour, I was doing exactly what I want to do, being just the person I want to be, providing just what I think I’m here to provide.

Like I said, it was glorious.

2 thoughts on “What I Love About My Job / Who I Want to Be

  1. I know how you feel. IT does not happen to most people in most jobs, so you are blessed to have the opportunity for it to happen more frequently. I also recently had a person share very deeply with me and it was such a gift. Like you I was so touched and moved that they trusted me and were willing to share, in my case, with an almost total stranger — perhaps that is easier, like when two people sit side by side on a plane. Sure makes you feel good to know that we are sending vibes that indicate we are someone who will listen and honor their story. You are a very good person Andy which is why we all love you.

  2. Hi Andy,
    I too have had several similiar moments during the time I was a Montessori Directress. These truly are God’s gift to us. I certainly hope to learn more about you and your projects. How did you become interested in French? I have a charming story of my trip to Paris and the former Montessori student who was now teaching there. I think we are second or third cousins. Originally from Chicago, I now live near Eugene, OR. Let’s keep in touch.

    Rhoda June

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