Slow Down, Take a Walk

It’s been a busy time for me at PSCS lately, so much so that I’ve contracted a little cold, a sure sign that my body is telling me to slow down. I took its advice today, taking it easy all day, including going on a relaxing walk.

I walked regularly in France while on sabbatical, and doing so today reminded me of being in France. It’s such a good thing for me to do. Today, like I did in France, I stopped to take pictures of things that caught my attention. Today’s photo was among the first I took. As beautiful as the flowers were, and that’s why I did stop, it was the number of bees present that really captured me. Having stopped, I could hear the buzzing and it was almost mesmerizing. Had I walked on by, I would have missed it.

Slowing down allows a person to see some things he might otherwise miss. Hear them, too.

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