Greener Views Podcast

I’m just back home after having been interviewed by Darryl Whalen for his podcast “Greener Views.” The audio and a video of the interview will be up on his website in a few days, so be sure to go back and check if you want to see or hear it.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, very casual compared to some interviews I’ve given. And it turns out that Darryl is quite dialed in to PSCS. Not only has he been a guest at school, he knows one of our teachers and two of our board members. Off camera we kept talking about people we both knew. It was a virtual who’s who.

Today’s photo is of a chart Darryl uses to stay on track. I got a big kick out of its simplicity and how he uses sticky notes to adapt it to each week’s guest. It reminded me of a teacher I once had whose mantra was, “Work smarter, not harder!”

Your thoughts?

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