Urban Date

Melinda & I took a long lunch from our administrative work at PSCS today in order to ride the light rail (tram) from its stop near the school to the airport. After having lived in France and made it our practice to ride the tram (light rail), we wanted to experience the new one in Seattle. On top of that, we wanted to know how it is riding the light rail (tram) in case we ever choose to use it to get to the airport. The similarities to the tram in Nantes were striking, which pleased us very much. It was like experiencing a little bit of “our” Nantes in Seattle.

Once at the airport, we found a nice spot to sit outside and eat our picnic lunch (see today’s photo). It was fun to be at the airport even though we weren’t flying anywhere. Watching the people in “travel mode” was entertaining, not being in travel mode ourselves, especially the young man giving flowers to his girlfriend.

Your thoughts?

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