Fancy Dinners!

It’s been a busy series of dinners the last four nights for the visiting Boudeaus. First, on Friday that were taken out by Dwight & Michele, Melinda’s parents, for a fancy dinner at the Seattle Yacht Club. Then on Saturday night, we took them out for an Italian dinner at Mamma Melina’s. Last night, it was an elegant dinner at the home of Dwight & Michele. Then tonight, it was over to Mercer Island for a very fine dinner at Bennett’s courtesy of my parents.

What’s funny is that prior to them coming I was thinking about the different dinners we would cook for them at our house. As the two weeks have flown by, including their 3 nights in Canada, we’ve only had dinner at our house a couple of times. And I’ve had this one meal, salmon wrapped around crab meat, that I’ve been wanting to try since before they arrived.

Tomorrow night is my last chance at it. Sadly for us, they head home on Wednesday afternoon.

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