French Summer

Our French summer has officially ended. We left for France on June 28 and spent a full month in and around Nantes, an incredible recap to our sabbatical. As Melinda explained recently, it’s like we have two wonderful lives, one in Seattle and one in Nantes. It was reassuring to return to Nantes and have it feel like home.

Anyway, back to my point. We left on June 28 for France and returned to Seattle on July 30. With us, we brought back Manon, whose presence helped us feel as if our French summer was continuing. Then a week later, Frédérique and Laurent arrived and stayed with us for over 2 weeks. That means our French summer lasted from June 28 until August 22, almost two months!

Today’s picture was taken this afternoon at SeaTac Airport, just after the Boudeaus had checked their bags and just before we bid them our goodbyes at security. Checking their flight status, they are about 2.5 hours from Reykjavík, about 15 hours from walking in their front door at home in Nantes.

Your thoughts?

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