This photo is from almost two months ago, when we had our little “pre-vacation” in Iceland on our way to France. We were walking through the Reykjavík airport and came upon this display. It seemed like a natural thing to have Ella pose next to it, don’t you think?

Speaking of Ella, she’s been getting up early this week to do a little babysitting, watching a 5 year-old. It’s been fun to hear a recap of her day at dinner each night. Today’s included the story of their lemonade stand. They took in 2 dollars. Not bad, I thought. Then Ella told us cups were 50 cents. Oh. Then she told us that she bought one. Um. She sold they sold two, one person paying a $1 for a cup. I see.

Apparently, they only were in business for 30 minutes, 5 year-old attention spans being what they are and all.

Your thoughts?

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