We Rent Popcorn!

Isn’t that what it says on this sign, a sign I spotted along Aurora Avenue in Seattle (I think makes “Aurora Rents” an apt name)? I’ve never rented popcorn. I’ve bought it, both popped and unpopped. I’ve had it given to me, both popped and unpopped. But I’ve never rented it, either popped or unpopped.

I didn’t go in to ask about rental prices on popcorn, or when the due date is for returning it. Certainly, a more curious blogger would have provided details like these for his dedicated readers.

But I do want to plant in your heads the question of other kinds of food one might rent. What about a steak? Or maybe a side of fries? I bet there would be a whole new income stream for fast food if they started to rent it instead of selling it.

Although when it comes to fast food, you kind of are *renting* it when you buy it, if you know what I mean.

Your thoughts?

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