Quest University – Year Two

Melinda & I left the house at 8am, Chloe snug in the backseat with the car packed full of her stuff. Yes, we were off to Canada, specifically to Quest University in the beautiful British Columbia city of Squamish. It’s Chloe’s second year there as a university student and she was excited to get there and reconnect with her friends.

We stopped in Vancouver (West Van, for those in the know) to run a couple of errands and to grab a bit of lunch, then continued on to Squamish. This was very reminiscent of our trip a year ago when we brought Chloe to Quest for her first year. Only this time she is a veteran and knows all the ropes. So last year’s nerves were replaced by this year’s excitement. For Melinda and me as parents, it was all quite fun.

Having carried in Chloe’s boxes, we pretty much said goodbye and came home. It was probably 8 hours in the car, 2.5 hours in Vancouver, and 30 minutes at Quest. A whirlwind.

Your thoughts?

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