Scooter Gang at the Border

This photo is from Saturday as we approached the Canadian border while taking Chloe to her university in British Columbia. That’s the Peace Arch on the left side of the photo, and Melinda’s hands on the steering wheel. What prompted me to take the picture, though, was the “scooter gang” (not to be confused with a biker gang) in front of us. There were a couple of them in front of our car, all part of the long line waiting to cross the border. Several more came zooming up and pulled in front of us.

That’s right. They cut in line.

We got a little indignant. Maybe even a little bit angry. Mostly, I’d say, we were just shocked. You see, each one had to go through customs individually. So having 5 or 6 scooters pull in front of us was like having 5 or 6 cars cut in front of us.

Oh, well, right? Life regularly gives you opportunities to practice patience.

One thought on “Scooter Gang at the Border

  1. While I don’t ride a scooter, I do ride a motorcyle, and it may well be that there were some who felt the need to cross the border together with their friends at the same time. May have even been some family members together… They were not considerate of course, but as you say, you had a good opportunity to practice your patience. I imagine they were just a group of inconsiderate young people, but then that shows my prejudice, doesn’t it. I must not assume anything….

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