“And the toilets are really short!”

So said Perrin today on her first day of kindergarten. When you think about it, there really isn’t a whole lot more to say than that, once you’re 5 and your first day of elementary school is behind you. The fact that you use crayons instead of pens, that there are four animals in the classroom (not counting Mr. Hansen, the teacher), etc. pales in comparison. It’s about the short toilets.

I did my best a few minutes ago to conduct a phone interview with the kindergarten celebrity, but wasn’t getting a whole lot of quotable material, that is until the quip about toilets. That’s golden. I did hear that her teacher is nice and it’s a lot of fun, but those are such, you know, generic kinds of comments. Heck, I heard that today from a group of middle schoolers at PSCS.

Then again, our toilets at PSCS aren’t so short…

One thought on ““And the toilets are really short!”

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