Heart Skips Beat

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Melinda & I saw Ira Glass last night. Given he works in radio, rarely do people see him. Understanding this, he came on stage in the dark and proceeded to speak to the audience for several minutes without being seen. It was a fun start to the show, which, in many ways, was like an extended version of a “This American Life” episode.

He talked for about 2 hours before taking a few questions at the end. And during the last of the questions, my cell phone rang. Yes, that’s right, I left it on. So rarely do I get actual calls, I figured if anyone is going to be calling me on a Saturday night it’s likely to be serious. Call me rude.

Anyway, when I looked down and saw it was from my mom, who just happens to be vacationing in Alaska with my dad and both of whom have had health issues recently, my heart skipped a beat. I hustled out into the hall to take the call.

It turns out my parents had arrived in Seward, the little town in which I lived 30 years ago and where I worked as a deejay. She was excited because they found the building I had lived in. She was calling to get my current mailing address (she couldn’t remember it) because she wanted to send me a postcard from Seward and get a local postmark.

Some emergency.

Oh, today’s picture is one I took in Seward 30 years ago. I lived in the green building there, above the Liberty Theatre.

3 thoughts on “Heart Skips Beat

  1. Seward? DJ? Well, that’s a chapter of your life I don’t know about! But I do know the chapter titled “worrying about your parents.” So glad that was just a fun call. I bet Ira Glass was a treat.

  2. In situations like yours, my husband puts his cellphone on Vibrate Only and sticks it in his front pants pocket, thus he can know he is getting a call, take a quick look and then find an exit or relax knowing he can call them back later.

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