My Marathon Shoes

Over the weekend I bought a pair of running shoes on eBay, the pair I plan to use when I run in the Seattle Marathon in November. The shoes arrived today (interestingly, they came from the nearby town of Mukilteo). For fun, I’m presenting a screen shot of them on eBay (click on the pic to enlarge it).

These are “Bare Access” barefoot shoes from Merrell, the style I’ve been wearing in all of my training runs. The pair I have been wearing has been getting quite the workout (including my first 3 hour run 9 days ago) and aren’t going to be suitable for the marathon. I was excited to find this pair for half the regular price, so I snatched them up.

Anyway, I’m following a training regimen outlined in this book, one that I hope results in me running the Seattle Marathon, complete with its hills and whatever weather is thrown at me in November, in 4 hours.

And I plan to do it wearing these orange shoes.

Your thoughts?

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