Kindness Missions

As many of you know, I’ve been offering interested people the opportunity to consider and engage in acts of kindness as part of Seattle’s Compassion Games. My idea, given these are games and all, is to have people think of themselves as secret agents performing missions of kindness. Well, this morning I offered the fourth and final mission.

My kindness class illustrator Fish Astronaut has been extra busy creating images for the missions. He’s created a different image to accompany each of my messages. With three messages per mission and four missions, that’s twelve new images!

Today’s picture is the image Fish created to go along with the new mission, to partner up with a kindness buddy. Thanks, Fish! I really like it!

5 thoughts on “Kindness Missions

  1. Andy – See Judy’s message below. I can’t even get the message that there is a blog. What gives? Mom

    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: “JUDY SCHWAB” > > Thanks, some of those are really wonderful. I’m going to send them > to my family in friends in MN, IA, & WI who are supposed to be > getting another blast. This one is from Alberta. > Could you ask Andy a question? Ever since he has changed his > format, etc., msn tosses me out and I’m not able to read his blog. > And I miss it. Thanks. > > Judy >

  2. I don’t know if it’s called a blog but it’s the Chat with Andy and it has a new name. Does that make sense Andy?


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