So Ella is throwing a little get-together tonight at our house for three of her girlfriends, a Ghostbuster, Raggedy Ann, and a ventriloquist’s dummy. She, herself, is either a chaperone or a ventriloquist. You pick.

They left school at about 3:45 and it’s now 7:45pm. By my calculation, that’s 4 hours. So other than the bus ride home, they’ve been getting ready.

It was a lot easier to get Ella in her costume when she was younger. Perhaps that has to do with my mom’s ability to construct easy to wear costumes. Or maybe it had to do with Ella being anxious to go trick or treating.

Two years ago today we returned from Paris to our home in Nantes and had to beg kids to stop at our house to trick or treat…

Your thoughts?

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