My Ambition

The mom in this picture (on the left) is Sahra, daughter of oft-mentioned Bob and sister to Si, he of De Colores Bookstore in Olympia. That’s David, Sahra’s husband, on the right. And sandwiched between them, loveliest of all, is Vivian, their daughter.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, that makes Vivian Bob’s granddaughter. And that makes me a little jealous of him and a lot excited for him. Bob has a granddaughter, one who will soon be two. And, to top it off, Vivian has a sibling due in February.

I’ve long told people, those willing to listen or pay attention, that my lone ambition in life is to be a grandfather. That’s a lot of pressure to put on my kids, I know, so I tell them I’m in no hurry to have my ambition filled.

But seeing Vivian today, who came (along with her folks) for an afternoon visit at our house, certainly got me thinking about it again.

That Bob. He’s a lucky guy.

4 thoughts on “My Ambition

  1. I figured out a long time ago that when you are my age and your youngest grandchild is ten already, that your children’s friends are more than happy to have you be surrogate grandparents for their children whose real grandparents live over two thousand miles away!

    Thus we have Hastings and Landry two of the most beautiful little platinum haired girls who we treat as adopted granddaughters when they come to visit us – but we never tell anyone that we are doing it. We play in the water with them and praise them on their accomplishments just as if we were their grandparents.

    One of the most fun things we did last time they were out for a long weekend was to get out all the hand musical instuments, bongos, a small African drum, a klimba, an ocarina, etc etc, enough for all seven of us who made music together! The five year old took charge and we swapped instruments and had the greatest time making up our own songs.

    So go after it Andy, practice on your friends grandkids, until you have your own. Adopt a couple to grandparent and you may have lots more “grandchildren” in your life than you had even imagined with only two daughters.

    • Great suggestion, Linda, thanks! And thanks for sharing your wonderful music story. So when are YOU going to start your own blog so you can regularly post stories like that (with a photo)? 🙂

  2. Btw, I am sure Bob would be delighted for his granddaughter who must be the apple of his eye to have you as a surrogate grandfather or a practicing grandfather!

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