Flowers Are Red

Today’s blog title comes from a song written by a man named Harry Chapin. He’s most famous for the song “Cat’s in the Cradle,” which is a wonderful song, too. But I think “Flowers Are Red” is its equal. The song has to do with the natural art ability in kids and how formal education tends to squelch it.

If you look at little kids, they are always creating something. Look at this picture of Ella. She’s sitting on the kitchen floor some 11 years ago just drawing away, fully absorbed in her creation. This makes me think that it’s natural to humans, but we seem to lose the drive (or have it taken from us).

I challenge you to see if you can recapture it, or pay attention to something creative that you do.

By the way, you can see Harry perform “Flowers Are Red” here.

3 thoughts on “Flowers Are Red

  1. This cautionary tune comes under discussion in each of my English classes, in an effort to guide students back to their innate curiosity and sense of play, Remarkable things happen when students requiring remediation are given permission to open up and play with language.

  2. We bought the small house next to us a year ago to turn it into a guest house (The Rainbow House) for family and friends. Sunday we are going to have an open house and I wanted to put out some premade but quite complicated designs which our guests could help to color. No one would have to do one alone, but they could work on three of them as a group. I was a bit leery of doing it, but NOW, after your post, I’m saying “Why NOT?”

    The Rainbow House is very very colorful with a bright red floor and each room a different color! IF that does not inspire the creative side of our guests nothing would.

  3. ‘create something daily’ has been my mission for years. I think parents have a big part in keeping the creative IN their kiddos, by being a bit more relaxed re; clean, organized and scheduled. Creativity is often messy and unorganized and it works better if the raw materials are out in plain sight!

    Thanks for keeping up your blog Andy. I read it daily!

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