Modern Technology

As I’m writing, Bob is using Ella’s iPad to try to log in to his Hotmail account. It’s taken him about 10 minutes so far, long enough for me to take this photo, connect the camera to my laptop, upload the photo, and use photo manipulation software to crop and ready the photo for uploading to WordPress for this blog post. Not only that, but to start writing this post.

Wait, there’s an update! Oh, darn. Bob just gave up.

That’s too bad because what he wants to do is show us what he described is the greatest picture of all time, one of his daughter Naclaysia who is getting married soon.

Wait, there’s another update! Melinda has moved Bob from the iPad to a desktop computer. Hope is returning.

Maybe not. Bob just said, “What am I doing?” I’ve been asking that about him for a long, long time.

Wait, there is a late, post posting update. Bob managed to not only show us the photo, but has convinced me to add it to this post. Here it is, the greatest photo ever!

2 thoughts on “Modern Technology

  1. You know some of us just weren’t meant to interface with computers. I absolutely have to be working on my own set up or I am all thumbs. I kind of think Bob and I are kindred spirits and I feel the need to defend him from youngsters like you who can do it all!! Sigh! We were just born to late.

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