Wanted (Something to Say)

If a picture was truly worth a thousand words, I should just keep my big mouth shut and post nothing but this photo, right?

Actually, though, this picture is probably worth 1001 words, the one written on it being pretty important to my meaning.

Now back to the first paragraph and me keeping my big mouth shut. Does that expression work if I’m not saying anything but am just writing? Should I keep my big keyboard shut?

Let me close this post with an apology. I’m sorry. It’s been a quiet day (although I did run for 2 hours, had a 90 minute PSCS Finance Committee, and was sadly disappointed by the Seattle Sounders).

One thought on “Wanted (Something to Say)

  1. On our most recent vacation, my husband had a small ceremony at a tiny bed-and-breakfast (in Bern, Switzerland) where he presented me with a “found” poster (he had wanted somebody, and found me). So here we are, 27 years later…. And he’s still doing romantic things.

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