Funny Night

Yup, it’s funny night tonight. And by that, I mean it’s comedy night. And by that, I mean it’s PSCS Comedy Night, a fun event at the Comedy Underground in which professional comics go on stage to support the school. We get 70% of the ticket prices and 100% of the raffle tickets we sell.

On top of that, two PSCS students will be taking the stage to be funny. They’ve been taking a class since September facilitated by a professional stand-up comedian.

That’s funny all by itself, right? An actual high school class taught by a professional comedian that culminates with its teenaged students taking the stage in an actual comedy club.

That’s not only funny, it’s fun! And that’s where Melinda, Ella & I are heading.

To illustrate something as fun as this I went looking for the perfect picture. I found this self-portrait.

Your thoughts?

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