When 0 + 0 = A Busy Day For Melinda

Melinda designed our incredible kitchen soon after we moved in to our house in 1998. She then took steps to see to it that it could be built, which was done within a couple of years. Me, I’ve had the pleasure of using Melinda’s kitchen since then.

It no longer comes as a surprise to me that Melinda has the need to change things. The less things change, the closer they are to death, I suppose, and Melinda doesn’t want our kitchen to die. So she has been planning, and today spent the day exchanging out the ends of the island for each other. What was once shelves for bowls is trading places for what was once a place to sit, leaving us with a place to sit and shelves to place bowls.

Get it?

O + O = … She’s been at it all day.

4 thoughts on “When 0 + 0 = A Busy Day For Melinda

  1. My mom is the same way. She’s never happy unless she’s planning or in the midst of or reveling in recent renovation/rearrangement/redecorating. I didn’t get much of those genes, it does seem to be something some people are born with!

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