It’s Been a Long Run / Taper

This is the oldest photo I have from when I became a “runner.” It’s from Nantes in early 2011, not far from our house there. It’s early enough in the running game for me that I’m wearing a cheap pair of high top basketball shoes, and a really long run for me would be 20 minutes.

On Sunday I’m running the Seattle Marathon and I am aiming to run for 4 hours longer than that. Without stopping.

I was inspired to run long distances by my French friend Laurent. A couple of months after I started running, back when 20 minutes was a long run, Laurent ran the Nantes Marathon. The next day I went out and ran for an hour. Seven months later, last November, I ran the Seattle Half Marathon. Now this Sunday, it’s the full.

Laurent wrote to me today to wish me well in the days leading up to the marathon, what is known as the taper phase.

Thanks, Laurent!

Your thoughts?

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