Thanksgiving Day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the home of my brother Scott and his partner, Sally. Sally orchestrated a delicious dinner and the company was outstanding. We were excited to see all three of Scott’s girls. With Chloe & Ella both present, five of my parent’s seven grandchildren were there, which made for a great Thanksgiving for my parents who, of course, were present (along with my mom’s famous rolls and apple pie). Add the fact that today is my parent’s 54th wedding anniversary and the things to be thankful for only increase.

Also present were Alex and four additional guests of Scott’s and Sally’s. Totaled up, Sally had to plan a dinner for 16 people! Well done, Sally!

On the drive home Melinda had a short text exchange with her sister Brenda who, along with Greg and Perrin, were having a casual Thanksgiving with Dwight & Michele, Melinda’s & Brenda’s parents. We made a quick stop so everyone could say hi to Chloe. I got this picture of the grown up sisters.

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