Support Team

Melinda took this photo of me just past Mile 14 of yesterday’s Seattle Marathon. That means the person in this photo (me!) has already run a half marathon! This was also Melinda’s and my predetermined water bottle exchange point. I’m reaching out to hand Chloe my empty bottle so she can give me the full one I had prepared before the race. The trade-off worked perfectly. In fact, seconds after the exchange, Melinda and the girls ran with me for 100 yards or so.

Don’t underestimate the value of one’s support team. That was something my friend Duncan told me after he ran the Portland Marathon in October. It’s certainly true.

I first saw Melinda at Mile 2, not far from PSCS and when things were so early that I was completely fresh. I next saw her and the girls, who she had gone home to pick up, at Mile 11. Next was this water bottle exchange at Mile 14. Mile 19 & Mile 21 were the last places before the finish.

Kudos to Melinda and the girls!

3 thoughts on “Support Team

  1. So you do not do it totally alone, which I am sure was very helpful to you. Kudos to your family for the support they gave you. Man, that weather looks good for a long race, but a bit gloomy!

    1. The weather was perfect for me. We started in a chilly fog but by the end the fog had burned off and we were running in sunshine (a rarity this time of year in Seattle!). If it’s dry, it’s a good day for a run. 🙂

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