2 December 2012 : Uh Oh

How I'm Feeling Today...A week ago today I looked like this because I had just minutes earlier finished running a marathon. Today I’m feeling the same way because I guess I hurt my right knee while running it.

I’ve had this pain in the back of my right knee since the marathon, but I really didn’t think that much of it. I can walk well enough and I figured it would go away. It persisted, but still, it was behind my knee and it just felt tight, likely because I altered my running for the last 10 miles or so because of the blister I developed on the bottom of my right foot.

Maybe it was a bigger deal doing so than I thought.

I went out running this morning, my first jog since the marathon. That spot behind my right knee was stiff but it didn’t bug me too much as I started. But as I went on it didn’t loosen out like I expected. Worse, I started to feel pain in the front of my knee on the right side. It got significant enough that after 35 minutes I stopped running and walked back home. As the day has progressed it’s tightened up and is sore.

Now what?

Your thoughts?

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