31 December 2012 : Vingt-Deux!!

That’s 22 to the French-impaired and it represents the number of years Melinda and I have been married. Happy 22nd Anniversary!Yes, 22 years ago we tied the knot (an expression I’ve not ever really liked so why I’m using it here, I’m not sure). How about that?!

To celebrate we went out and had a delicious Japanese dinner at Nashino, a restaurant to which my brother Steve and his wife Deb gave us a gift certificate. It was delicious, to say the least, beginning as it did with fresh oysters and ending with seared halibut.

Now we’re back home playing with our shared anniversary gift, the Sonos wireless music player. As I write we’re streaming to our built-in speakers our favorite album from 2012, “The Lion’s Roar” by First Aid Kit, from the Amazon Cloud Player. Earlier we listened to French radio (interestingly, the station I first linked to was playing a Tom Waits album), a Seattle police frequency, and public radio from Omaha.

How are you spending our anniversary, err, I mean New Year’s Eve??

Your thoughts?

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