2 January 2013 : Oh Say, Can Chloe See!

Chloe Gets Glasses!Chloe (and Melinda) just got back from Costco where she picked up a pair of glasses, her first with prescription lenses. I asked if she’d pose for a picture so I could memorialize the occasion. After some gentle persuasion (arm-twisting), she agreed. I took three photos and she approved, barely, this one.

For you prescription lens wearers, do you remember getting your first pair of glasses? I sure do. I was in 7th grade and needed glasses to read the chalkboard at school. I remember being in the car with my mom, pulling out of the optician’s with my glasses on and being stunned that a person could actually see the leaves on a tree. Incredible.

Chloe’s eyesight is still pretty good. She only needs her glasses occasionally for distance. But I think she’s secretly hoping her eyes get a little worse so she qualifies for contacts…

Your thoughts?

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