4 January 2013 : My Aim is True

My Aim is TrueLast Saturday night, after our delicious dinner of Indian food, the family stopped in at Half Price Books on Roosevelt in Seattle. As part of her work over the break, Chloe had agreed to try to sell some used books for a family, which was the impetus for the visit. But get me in a used book store, let alone one that sells DVDs, CDs, and, gasp, records, and the time can just fly by.

First, the store had several copies of Kurt Vonnegut books in hardcover (one of my secret wishes is to have a hardback copy of each of Vonnegut’s books). And despite the 20% post-holiday sale on every item in the store, I resisted the urge to buy any.

Then I spotted the records, specifically the one in today’s photo (see above) that was sitting so prominently, talking to me, in the Pop/Rock C section. It’s from 1977 and is Elvis Costello’s first record.

Given this post, I don’t think I need to say anything more…

Your thoughts?

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