6 January 2013 : Fringe

Knitting a ScarfSo Chloe and Alex left this afternoon, returning to British Columbia for the resumption of college. Things start up for them again at Quest University tomorrow. It will likely be a little while before we see them again.

Over the break, while Alex was in Japan visiting his family, Chloe took the time during her busy babysitting schedule to knit Alex a scarf as a holiday present. It came out very, very nice. The last little bit involved some help from Melinda, captured by me a couple of days ago with today’s photo. A big question was whether or not the scarf for a 20 year-old young man should have fringe or no fringe. Then, once it was decided to have fringe, how much fringe and how long should it be?

This is a matter of consequence.

Your thoughts?

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